Welcome to the viagaray Center

In our department there is one universal Friend and a real Miracle named Artyom. Artem is only 6 years old, but in his mind he can pass for an academician. Not to mention the diversity of his interests and talents. Topics of judgment are always right on target. Drawings are a feast for the eyes. Plasticine signature micro food - delicious. But the most important thing is that Artyom is never discouraged! He just doesn't like pills, and when the plaster is peeled off. Everything else suffers in silence and without even blinking.

Courageous Dark has a friend, the fox Chucha. Fox has already become in the department no less famous than Tyoma himself. And Tyoma demands respect for his friend. You go into the box:
- Hi Tema!
- Hello. So, why don't Chucha and I say hello?

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